Lower Ebro Catfishing…. Latest Catch Reports…. Late August 2017

It’s been a superb return to the river last week after our summer break. There have been a few hurdles to over come, the main problem being drifting weed on certain days making some of the favoured swims almost unfishable. Despite this we have been able to find some suitable areas, with one spot in particular producing a bumper return of 5 100lb + Cats. The delighted anglers have been the Rinkens family from the Netherlands, and the impressive list of fish has been as follows: Wilco 128 & 132, Ronnie 107, Pedro 136 and Kornelius 146! Not bad for their first ever visit to the Ebro..

Wilco with a 128lber, hooked in daylight, landed in darkness!

Pedro gets in on the action 136lb

Ronnie gets to grips with a 107lb

Wilco with the first of 2 100s caught on the final day at 132lb

Kornelius got the final (and biggest) fish of the trip at 146lb

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