Top 10 Catfish from the 2016 season

Here’s our compilation of the top 10 captures from another successful year on the lower Ebro in 2016:

10. Lee Booker took a memorable April fish of 166lb from the Kitten Alley drift in mid April.

Booker whacker 166lb

9. The July fishing was pretty exceptional, particularly around the Chicken factory at Amposta. Ben Perry and co. had a real bonanza, with Ben’s 166 the best fish.

Weighty Perry.. the biggest of the trip at 166lb for Ben

8. Cliff Harris took a jumbo 168lber in late September, from one of the muddy water inlets heading down towards Deltebre. The fishing was very slow at the time, so it was a welcome reward.

Cliff Hanger…. He had to hold on tight as this fish went roaring into marginal weedbeds

7. Gary Carter has caught some of the biggest Cats on the Ebro at Mequinensa, but he also loves fishing the lower river for the small ones, like this 169lber..

Gary’s 169 was taken in a fast, shallow area over weed

6. Magic Mick Riddell has the ability to winkle out a big moggy whilst others around him struggle. This year was no exception with Mick snaring a 170lb infront of Isla de Gracia.

Mick always gets the big ones – 170lb

5. Keith McGreevy had a brilliant trip and caught numerous 100’s in late July, but this 171lb was the best of the bunch and a new PB for the Geordie rod.

A summer sizzler of 171lb for Keith McGreevy in July

4. The fishing in October was more off than on last year, but one of the clear highlights was a very long fish of 172lb caught by Steve Walton.

Some colour in the river has got the Cats’ whiskers twitching, Steve with a whacking 172lber

3. A comedy two man effort by novice anglers Chris Davies & Mick Walton accounted for this 177lb behemoth caught upstream heading towards Tortosa in March.

2 (old) men vs 1 angry Catfish! 177lber caught by Chris & Mick

2. A superb take on the surface led to Lee Wilkinson capturing a memorable fish of 181lb, which fought superbly in a shallow water area in mid April.

Lee Wilkinson with a gargantuan 181lber taken in April 2016

Number 1.

The top fish of 2016 was an early season 187lber caught by regular customer Dave Jenkinson, which was found just south of Amposta lurking in shallow water weedbeds. Well done Dave!

Dave Jenkinson hit the jackpot in March last year with this huge 187lber





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